Is your Website molding? Why Website maintenance should be integral to your online success.

Is your Website molding? Why Website maintenance should be integral to your online success.

Reports today show that there are more than 6 million internet users in Uganda. What that means to a suave business person is an opportunity to get in front of their customers or prospects. As one who has seen and wants to leverage the opportunity of the internet you are running your website – hats off for you – if you are one of those skeptics then you need to understand that business is going online and get  website soon.

Once the website is pushed online, 90% of website owners fold their hands, and sigh – the work is done – they hope to magically get their websites viewed by the millions of prospects and thus an instant increase in sales through the leads generated from their website.

Unfortunately, that is a wish that rarely comes true.

It’s like a farmer preparing the gardens, sowing seed, then sits back – work is done – expecting a bumper harvest. I wish life was like that, but hey, it’s not. So the farmer has got to fertilize the land, weed the gardens, then prune then come back and weed again, plant scarecrows, then do this and that to get the full harvest.

This is much the same as your online garden – throwing your website online is not enough, it’s just the beginning of the work to reap of the full score harvest you desire.

Website maintenance in your online strategy is as weeding and fertilizing is to a farmer expecting a great yield.

I have had situations where the excitement of getting online drives many businesses to create websites then because they do not see the results they expected they bin the whole idea. Yet the numbers don’t lie – more and more people are online and more than 90% start their purchase by carrying out their research online. So if you have folded your hands do you expect to get a scoop of the internet?

By continually updating your website you are able to stay relevant to your audience and always giving them reason to come back to your website, consider, if someone returned to your website and found stale information would they want to come back again? I bet not, so by continually providing your audience fresh and relevant information, your website will always be their first stop when in need of services or products in your industry, besides that, search engines love websites that are continuously updated, unless you are in an industry that is totally exclusive to you with barely any competition there is no way you will stay or ever get on the first page of search engine such results if your website is not routinely updated. The logic is the same, search engines will index (add your website/page to their database) regularly if they find new content every time they visit your website. If they do not, they will probably also forget that your website exists.

Many people get fatigued because of the mundane and sometimes rather boring process of updating their websites, other do not have technical capacity to update websites on their own while others just do not have time to do it.

No matter your reason for having a stale website, the excuse does not hold, you are denying yourself the opportunity of being visible online.

Deliberately working on your website or outsourcing the website maintenance activities of your website will guarantee your online success – go shake off those cobwebs and give your clients or prospects reason to consider you over your competition.