How to reset Firefox to its default state. to reset Firefox to its default state.

Once in a while we all who use Firefox internet browser will need to reset Firefox to its default state for many reasons like slowed down browsing, a lot of popup and ads on some pages, browser hijacks, malware, and spyware, among many others.
The idea is that if there are things you can’t fix but are taking the joy of surfing with Firefox, taking it its original settings should do the trick.
Today’s tip is to help you reset Firefox to its original settings, preserving your browsing history, cookies, saved passwords, bookmarks. Everything else will be restored.
1. Open your browser – Firefox
2. On the Menu go to Help > Troubleshooting Information

reseting firefox
3. When the page opens click Reset Firefox

reseting firefox
4. A dialogue box will popup asking, “Are you sure you want to reset Firefox to it’s original state?” Click Reset Firefox

reseting firefox
5. When you click it, the browser will close, a dialogue box informing you that it has successfully imported. You can click finish at this point or just give it a second or two, it will restart itself.

reseting firefox
6. That’s it; Firefox will restart to its clean default settings.

Time: this should happen in a minute or two depending on how clogged your browser was.
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