How to prevent spam on your website – installing reCAPTCHA on a WordPress site.

How to prevent spam on your website – installing reCAPTCHA on a WordPress site.

Tired of spam and junk comments from your website’s feedback or comment forms? Well, you are not alone. Instead of spending time doing the more important things, we end up spending most of the time sorting out a multitude of emails/comments from our inbox. In WordPress, one quick way to reduce spam by over 90% is installing a human verification plugin. 99% of comments and submissions to your webstie are are from bots – software. So to curb it, install a piece of software that will require everyone to fill in obscure characters before they submit the form.

There are many tools out there that can help you do the same, however, for this article I share with you Better WordPress reCAPTCHA (support Akismet)  by betterwp. Based on the widely adopted reCAPTCHA – originally developed by the Carnegie Mellon University later acquired by Google, this tool will save you time by esnuring only humans send you feedback using your online forms.

Let’s start

  1. You can download the reCAPTCHA plugin from WordPress, and then upload it to the plugins directory of your website (/wp-content/plugins) or you can search for Better WordPress reCAPTCHA in the plugin sections of the dashboard of your site.  This may require your FTP login details to the server.
  2. Activate the Plugin
  3. Go to settings – here you will need the api keys From Google, it is quick and easy to get. Copy the private and public keys inputting them on our site. For now we shall ignore the Akismet integration. Once done with the general options, click on Theme options – and choose a theme based on the theme of your website, or using CSS you can style it to fit your website. When you are done with that, save.
  4. Now we see if all worked, go to a post and below the comment area you should see our reCAPTCHA form. If you do not see the recaptcha images on your page then, you are not using the default wordpress

    to print the comment form , in this case you will need to add a line of code

    if (function_exists('bwp_capt_comment_form')) {bwp_capt_comment_form();}

    to comment.php just above the opening div of the submit button for more on this read the usage of the plugin from the developers site.