Cloud Issues You Should Be Aware Of

Cloud services are being adopted by many companies due to the numerous benefits they offer to businesses. The cloud can provide more choices of communication facilities and many companies are said to have reported an increase in the efficiency of their teamwork. However, cloud computing services are known to have unique attributes that may require… READ MORE

What Is Cloud Computing?

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing quickly gained ground in the current technological era. We’ve seen some of the largest corporations in the world like Google, IBM take most of their operations to the cloud. For us in developing countries, it sometimes takes a while for us to access such technologies. The jargon is thrown around and many are… READ MORE

How to create a mailing list – Google groups.

Once in a while you need to send an email to a many subscribers – say members of your same class group. What you need is a mailing list. Here at Hosteac your hosting account provides you the facility using your domain name and corporate Identity, however, there are alternatives that can do the same… READ MORE